DNC 2020/21 Final Results

DNC 2020/21 Final results (updated 15th to include Ian H organiser points for Crathes)

As Drew says: “Such a disappointing end to the season this year. There could have been some epic snowy DNCs this month if things had been different.”

Some notes on the scoring:
– your best 5 scores out of the 8 full DNC events we did manage to run count towards your grand total
– the 9th at Templars was cancelled hoping we might be out of the woods by now and could reschedule at the end of the series when everyone could attend and thanks to those who got in touch to say that they’d been looking forward to trying out the Orange there with friends and family. One day…. (or night rather)
– the 10th, Potarch, went ahead but as only folk from the Shire could attend it was agreed not to award points for that
– all would-be planners of events that were cancelled still get 50 points as acknowledgement of their commitment to the cause

So it’s big congratulations to Joe Wright, Matthew Gooch and Adam Barrie heading up the DNC podium and Catriona Chapman first lady plus Nick Hale, Pete Lawrence and Alan Bennett at the top of the Mini DNC with Ruth Gooch first lady with an amazing 9th place for a W14. #ThisGirlCan (Yes, I am unashamedly biased but she who does the blog gets to call the shots!)

Traditionally we’d have a meal and chocolate-heavy prize giving on the last night but that obviously can’t happen so can I suggest that you all order yourselves a takeaway curry for about 8pm on the 24th and give a big round of applause to the winners who will also have to buy and award themselves half an Easter Egg (as only half the series took place.)

What’s everybody doing with themselves of a Wed now?

I looked on RG and printed off the Dunnottar Woods course (because we were away the week of that event) and tried it out a couple of weeks ago with a beautiful heavy frost making the pasture in the middle look quite magical in my headlamplight.

What else have folk been up to?

Interim invoicing

While we’re on pause again, it’s been suggested we send out invoices for all events so far up to the end of 2020 and Ian Hamilton is starting to slice and dice the entry numbers and contact details to package things up and start firing up i-Zettle.

If you’re feeling optomistic and would prefer to wait and see if we can squeeze in a few more DNCs yet then please let Ian know using treasurer@grampoc.com but it would make his task a lot easier if we were all to do the same thing, i.e. pay now.

For those of you who haven’t been invoiced this way before, expect to see an email from us soon, click on the “Show Invoice” button and then the “Pay now” button inside the invoice.

Hazlehead 6/1 ***CANCELLED***

Not even Toonsers are allowed to come out and play at the moment as SOA have tweeted that all activities are to be suspended until further notice and as it looks like that may not be until March it’s highly unlikely we’ll get to finish this season’s DNCs off even separately City/Shire.
Hey ho! It was fun while it lasted so thanks to everyone who planned and the great attendance. We’ll figure out what we’re going to do about final results and prizes and let you know asap.

Potarch 30/12

Results, splits etc on Maroc website.

Dusting of snow underfoot and a bit of moonlight made it a lovely evening to practise tricky bearings!

Templars Park 23/12 ***POSTPONED***

Annoyingly, Templars Park lies just beyond Aberdeen City boundary – only 300m or so but still technically off limits to city dwellers as per Tier 3 guidance on travel for informal exercise vs organised sports and SOA confirmed yesterday that we shouldn’t be encouraging folk to break the rules by accepting entries from anyone from ‘the other side’.

We haven’t had that many entries to date and as we were expecting the bulk of entries to come from Gramps who live inside city limits, and given that it’s a bit of a novelty event rather than a full-on TD5 DNC, we’ve decided to postpone for a while. Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to it, especially any kids or novices keen to tackle the Orange. We will run it at some point in the New Year as soon as we all get back to Tier 2.

I think for the time being GRAMP and MAROC have agreed to continue running events with entries limited to those who live on the ‘right’ side of the boundary (although there’s a couple of GRAMP ones where we may have to swap planners as they live on the ‘wrong’ side to their area – and when the music stops…!) and we’ll come up with some way of adjusting the league points to discount any events which fall into the Tier 3 trap.

In the meantime, stay safe and have a Happy Local Christmas everyone!

Sluie 16/12

Results, splits etc on Maroc website

A wee heads up that next week’s event at Templars Park will include a short 1.7km Orange for novices who fancy a go at Night O or anyone who wants to take the kids on a little night time adventure as an early Christmas present. Can someone pass the message on to any Marocs who might fall into that category as they won’t be looking at the blog. Ta.

DNC points week 8

DNC Results 2020-21 after Week 8 (Sluie)

While both Aberdeen City and Shire are now in Tier 3 we’re not supposed to cross the boundary between the two Local Authorities which means for the next few weeks at least either one set or the other of us won’t be able to come every week even if they want to. (Bad luck David E – I know you were wanting to retain your unbroken attendance record – anything to earn some chocolate!!)

I believe that for the time being GRAMP and MAROC have agreed to continue running events with entries limited to those who live on the ‘right’ side of the boundary and we’ll come up with some way of adjusting the league points to discount any events which fall into the Tier 3 trap.

Foggieton 9/12

Sorry for the slight delay – a weird side effect of timing we’ve not seen before meant those of us with early starts had negative times before David managed to sort it all out late last night. BTW, thanks David for your help on IT and Starts at all the Gramp DNCs, much appreciated by the Planners and also runners – it’s Wed, it’s dark, there’s David standing in the middle of a wood with a clip board and a welcoming quip – a little bit of consistency while everything is so topsy-turvy still.

Short Results Splits
Long Results Splits

Birsemore 2/12

Results, splits and RG link will be on Maroc website.

Well, that lived up to expectations both physical and technical. I feel absolutely whacked and only did the Short, chapeau to the Long competitors!