Tilquhillie 26/1

See the comment below for details and visit the Maroc website for pre-entry form or follow this link. Tilquillie pre-entry form

Entries to be in by 10pm on Monday 24th please.

Only a few more events to go now unless it’s decided to squeeze in a couple of the ones that got cancelled/postponed? Watch this space.

Foggieton 19/1

Results and splits

Overall results – Week 11

League tables after Bellwood. Positions are based on best 8 results; some people have now completed 8 events so the final positions will be starting to take shape.

Overall results – Week 10

Points table after the sandy run round Balmedie:

Bellwood 12/1

Results etc on Maroc website

Balmedie 5/1

Chilly but fantastic night at Balmedie tonight. Many thanks to Julian for planning, and Julian & David for collecting controls afterwards👍


Overall results – Week 8

Results table after the sprint round Templars Park:

Dinnet 29/12

Covid strikes again (positive test results for close contacts) so this event has had to be cancelled. Sorry for the late notice but couldn’t make alternative arrangements in time after finding out.

Overall results – Week 7

Points table with hard-won points from Carlogie added. Week 6 Dunottar was cancelled so, unless we can re-schedule, we will be down to a total of 15 events. For the final scores I think we should reduce the counters to the best 8 out of 15 events (it was best 9 out of 17 last year)

Templars Park 22/12

Results and splits
RouteGadget not quite sure how crazy this is going to look but will be fun playing it back!!