8th Nov 2017 Hazlehead

Results, Splits and Routegadget



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  1. Hi – I’ll have Registration in the car park immediately west of the southern end of Groats Road, very close to the entrance to the Park. As Hazelhead is a bit technically easier than Birse, I’m going to put out kites rather than reflectors. Starts hopefully by 5.30pm to 7pm.

  2. Ermm, I thought one aspect of DNC was that we always used reflectors… makes it proper night-O rather than a night hunt-the-thimble…

  3. Andrew McMurtrie

    I agree on the reflectors, especially when you stick some controls inside thickets.

  4. I may be in the minority here but I thought the lack of reflectors at Hazlehead made it more enjoyable!

    • I’m inclined to agree with Rob. I think reflectors in the open areas in particular would have made navigation way too easy. Maybe not hide the kites under the low branches next time though.
      Thoroughly enjoyed the course thanks!

  5. I would echo Ali’s comments. I thought kites were fair enough given the area. It was the same for everyone. I did faff around on a few but generally down to my own incompetence. I recall a Scottish Night Champs on Kinnoull with only kites. It made things really challenging.
    I enjoyed the slight change (map scale also) compared to the regular DNC format.

    • Andrew McMurtrie

      Drew, i would hope we don’t try to aspire to the same standards as the Scottish Night Champs that regularly seem to chose benign areas with plenty of black features so “it’s not too hard”? They always (?), certainly usually when i’ve gone, use kites, which i personnally do not agree with. The Scottish Night Champs should be aspiring to the levels of the DNC – TD5 with no concessions for the dark?

      If we insist on using kites, they should not be massively faded and hung low – i noticed many of last nights could have been hung higher.

      No easy for taller, older competitors having to crawl under trees and into thick green to punch a control – sometimes not easy to see if the control was flashing as you were on your hands and knees to get to the control.

      I personally ran away from one control as there was another running standing metres away from it but could not see it. When i ran back to where she had been standing, i found it tucked into some thick green. Not sure i agree with that type of control placement. It did cross my mind that it might put some novices off given there were some ‘hidden’ at the feature.

      Just my personal opinions and appreciate others differ. 🙂

      I also appreciate the time and commitment it takes the planner, so grateful to David for the courses last night but hopefully we’re keen for feedback to be shared rather than kept ‘hidden’?

    • Sorry Drew, but its not the same for everyone. For those visually challenged in some way, whether it be colour blindness or something else, the reflectors are a real leveller. For that reason alone its a no brainer for me. Hence I’m fully in Jon’s court.

  6. Last night marked a return to orienteering after an absence of a few years. So for me it was a milder introduction to the DNC. Thoroughly enjoyed it, over ran umpteen controls, but hey ho, good to get back into it. Thanks David for the event.

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed last night. Didn’t think i would as Hazlehead is not my sort of area (Td3 rather than TD5 which i love). So bravo to David for the job he did!

    In respect to the kites/reflective topic, i think in Hazlehead it was ok to use as it is not a difficult area. But for most of the DNC areas, it should definitely be reflective ones used.

    I did think the kites should not have been buried inside the branches at most of the controls. Often there was only one way in one way out, and there were traffic jams. If they had been on the outside of the features, it would have been perfect!

  8. We’ll I knew the DNC provided a tough audience, but I wasn’t expecting the first complaint before the gig even started! With regards the low branches I made you duck under – very sorry about that. And if I ever use kites again, I’ll avoid the faded ones.
    I must admit I was expecting that most of the the complaints would have been about the grease-proof paper maps….
    Thank you all for coming along anyway. I’m sorry if you were a bit wet.

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