15th Nov 2017 Shooting Greens

Results, splits and RG link



(Some of you may have noticed adverts popping up on this blog from time to time. This is because it’s a freebie set up. For a small premium ads can be suppressed though so let me know if it bugs you enough and I’ll do something about it. Rachel)


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  1. Andrew McMurtrie

    Hi all planners, could we agree to provide separate control descriptions during the DNC, if not too much hassle?

  2. Anyone know what the extra cost is? I believe we already make a loss on DNC events. I like the bare bones, no frills approach although I would attempt to print control descriptions on the map in such a way that makes it possible to cut/rip them off and put them in your own description holder if preferred.

    • $30 or about £23.50
      I pay for this for the main Gramp website/blog and for the past few years it seems to have extended to this blog too but obviously it’s getting sufficient hits these days to attract the ad inserter’s attention.

  3. Routegadget is up for Shooting Greens, and results and splits should be on the Maroc website presently. A few people went to the wrong hill on the last control or got the wrong boulder cluster mid-course. As Dorothy may once have said of Shooting Greens…”We’re not in Hazlehead any more…?”

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