22nd Nov 2017 Countesswells

Results, Splits and Routegadget
Short 3.4k (7 controls) and Long 5.2k (12 controls)


Overall points after 3 events


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  1. Remember that Countesswells Road is closed this week (travelling from Aberdeen). So use Craigton Road/Kirk Brae, or approach from Kingswells roundabout.

  2. wow, that was tough;-) Good long legs – I got both wrong choice and execution… 😦 Thanks Dennis for putting it on, hope control collecting was left till today.

  3. Provisional results now on Gramp website.

  4. Looking at the provisional results, John Lang was faster than me, so should be placed second in the short course. Really enjoyed this event, thanks.
    PS. I am in Maroc not INT (Paul Mather).

  5. Thanks for that Paul. I stand corrected. I should also put out a big thank you to Jack Gomersall who helped to collect the controls. Thankfully there the rain has ceased by then!

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