13th Dec 2017 Carlogie

Results, splits and RG



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  1. Andrew McMurtrie

    Registration will be at NO 854 993 – pass the end of the tarmac road, and continue along the track for about 500m. Registration will be at a blue VW campervan.
    Parking on the track near registration.

    Two courses:
    – Long 5.3k with 12 controls
    – Short 3.6k with 10 controls

    Each courses has 3 crossing points. The leg each crossing point is on has a dog-leg to the crossing point. Please use these crossings, so as not to cross certain fences, which i have highlighted with magenta lines on the map – you will be significantly slower if you do not follow the dog leg and risk a high uncrossable fence! A map showing the crossing points will be available at registration.

    Plan to have maps at the start with loose controls available at registration.

    Forest is mostly very runnable, so suspect some fast times.

    If all goes to plan, hope to be ready shortly after 17:30 but please be patience if a bit after. 🙂

  2. Thanks for that course Andrew, I really enjoyed it. Even though I now realise that not only did I no punch 10 after running past it, I did not punch the start! That’s why the printout was a bit odd.

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