10th Jan 2018 Coull

Long 5k 11 controls 180 m climb
Medium 3k 9 controls 85 m climb

Results, splits and RG


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  1. The forecast for Wednesday evening looks fine. There are lots of contour features in the amazing network of lateral meltwater features on both courses to keep you on your toes, as well as some legs in pleasant runnable pine forest. Car parking may be muddy and slippery though there should be quite a few dry spots at the side of the track.
    We are intending to have registration ready by 5.45 – or possibly earlier. Bring the correct cash if you can. Take note of the sensible safety precautions listed by Rob for the Raemoir event last week.

  2. Results sent to the various webmasters so will hopefully appear soon on Maroc (& DNC?) sites. Rob

  3. Here’s an unusual comment. Someone apparently lost some cash out on their course last night and another competitor spotted it on the ground. Claims to me please.

    And thanks to the forty folk who turned up to make it all worthwhile! It was really rewarding to see so many talented and competitive runners taking on the complex terrain in that part of Coull.

  4. Good news for Estera – your missing brikke was lying beside the control 5 stake. Good news too for whoever left a pair of black North Face gloves near the first control on the Medium course. And I still have the cash that was found…..

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