Glen O’Dee 24/10/18

They give us those nice bright colors…

Anyone who saw that sunset will know why that was going round my head while I was trotting round last night.

Thanks to Amber and Luke and helpers for a gentle introduction/rehabilitation to night O (apart from no 8 on the Short which lured several of us into risking a bearing run to practice and messing up royally) plus soup and cakes to round off a pleasant evening.

Results and splits

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  1. Thanks Luke and Amber. A shock return to the DNC season. Hope to see the numbers creeping up to 40 or more as things get going. Also great to see some youngsters and newbies coming along. I used to think night orienteering was a ridiculous concept! But I can guarantee it will improve your orienteering, increase your fitness and keep you motivated through the winter season. Quite addictive actually. And remember, British Night Champs in February on Muir of Dinnet. Surely something to aim for and hopefully multiple Maroc/Gramp champions.

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