Pannanich 21/11/18

Results, splits and RG

Looking at RG it looks like fun heltery-skeltery kind of courses predominantly running downhill which was very kind of Jon – obviously doesn’t want the Toughest of the Tough Trophy for DNC 18/19.

Rankings after 4 weeks

Comments from Scoremeister Drew:  Big news so far is….

Young Man Tivendale takes a commanding lead on the long course which he hopes to maintain until the end of the season. Old Man Tivendale looses the plot on medium on his first start of the season. Sam Gomersall maintains his strong start on medium. Can anyone catch him?



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  1. Look out for the World Schools soup kitchen again this week at Pannanich. It will be in the white van alongside registration / download and ready to serve whenever you finish your course. Any special request for soup flavours, please leave a comment here (no promises though!).

  2. Tom Yum
    Chicken Mulligatawny
    Chicken & sweetcorn with chopped chilli

  3. Is anyone from Gramp planning to be at Pananich who would be able to collect Fraser Pain’s JD2C trophy and get it to the Gramp AGM?

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