Balmedie 28/11/18


Rankings after 5 weeks

Pundit Drew comments: Sam Gomersall maintains his lead on Medium despite missing this weeks entertainment on a predominantly downhill but still ferociously difficult Pannanich course. Consistent David Esson moves up to second. Thanks to planner Jon Musgrave.

An interesting challenge including a test of distance judgement while contouring round steep and rough terrain which required complete concentration all the way. Very tricky.

Drew asserts his lead on Long. Reminiscent of Leicester City’s run in the Premier League, how long can the fairy-tale continue? Admittedly, young Matthew Gooch and Alistair Chapman are looking dangerous.

Plenty other dark horses in both fields. Best of 9 to count. Still early days.

(Unashamed plug for the) GRAMP event this Sunday 2nd Dec if you’re not going to MAROC Training but fancy a bit of exercise/competition…
Location: Foggieton with parking at Cults Primary School, NJ883032
Long score, 45mins (over 16s only)
Short score, 30mins (included recommended yellow course if preferred)

Starts: 11am – 12noon
Seniors £4, Juniors £2

Cake and hot drinks stall in aid of the Scottish World Schools Team.



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  1. Careful Drew! If you maintain that lead will you run the last one in your underpants?

  2. Found at Pannanich: one right-hand thumb compass and a control description holder (long course).
    Contact Jon – jon “at”

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