Balnagowan 5/12/18

Into December now and nights definitely getting wilder and wetter if not colder so don’t forget to wrap up if necessary so Planners don’t have to worry too much about you all.

Next up is Balnagowan brought to you by Matthew Gooch.

This week the courses have been planned in the back (northern & western) section of Balnagowan, a lovey area and nice under foot. As a result there is limited car parking space and it would be appreciated if people could car share as much a possible along with parking tightly on the night.

Take the Tarland road north out of Aboyne for 1.5km, then turn left on to a track heading west (will be marked), just before a farm. Follow this track for 1km and parking will be from there on the edge of the track and in two turning bays 150m apart (i will be in the second, the further one). See map at bottom for turn off location.

Map location of road turning

Course lengths & climbs:
Long – 5km, 115m
Medium – 3.3km, 95m

Starts will be 5:30pm – 7pm
Courses closes at 8pm

Results, splits and RG on Maroc website

Rankings after 6 weeks




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  1. hi, i am woundering who to contact about posting some information for the next night-o Balnagowan on the DNC page. I haven’t previosly found any way to post anything or had any one to contact (i did ask around). Sorry for the inconvenience. Matthew

    • I’ve already reposted the details Matthew left here last night (that’ll teach me to try and get ahead of the game and just assume a location!) but the answer to the question is please email details to and I’ll do the biz.
      If I’m not going to be around, e.g. over Christmas, I’ll leave a post with not much more than date and area and folk can add a comment (like Matthew did) but better if you let me know as far in advance as poss and I can put into the main post – easier for folk to see first glance. Ta. Rachel

  2. Lost property from Balnagowan.

    Pair of glasses – small, brown colour.
    Thumb compass.

  3. Many thanks to everyone who helped pull my car out of the ditch. And apologies for holding you up. It was a night of car problems, with road blocked by accident on the way there. In-between these problems the orienteering was very good.

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