Forvie 12/12/18

Results Splits RouteGadget  on the Gramp website
Rankings after 7 weeks


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  1. Weather for tomorrow evening not looking too bad. Bit of a breeze forecast from the SE, but hopefully not wet. Please make sure you’re adequately clothed – remember there is very little shelter on the moor. Should be all set to start between 17.30 and 18.00.

  2. Really good fun out there tonight. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for the courses.

  3. Yeah, pleasant evening entertainment, though I wasn’t thinking that at number 7 when I couldn’t fit anything! 🙂

  4. Thanks to everyone who took part tonight, and particular thanks to Matt and David for their sterling efforts retrieving controls. All done by 21.30.
    We confirmed 232 was about 25m too far east. Congratulations to everyone who found my yellow marker flag in the correct place; clearly a better effort than mine even in the daylight! For the competition we’ll void those legs to make the result fair. Many apologies from me (brain fade); I hope it didn’t spoil anyone’s run too much.
    Looking forward to seeing some of the tracks on RouteGadget. Incidentally, the stone circle at 133 is a late bronze age hut circle; nice to think about the changing land use on the moor across 2000 years!

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