DNC points week 9

Coming to the end of the 2018 and half way through the current DNC season so time for a round up.

Good week for the underdogs with Lachlan Kirk taking victory on the medium in his first outing of the season. Impressive indeed but David Esson’s consistency means he maintains his lead. Old Man Tivendale proves the value of consistency with his dodgy run taking him up to a narrow second place. Several other late starters to the season are now showing their colours and proving it is still wide open on the medium with the best 9 to count.

Young Man Tivendale maintains his second place despite an even dodgier run on long. But Ewan Musgrave proves youth can still triumph over experience by taking his first victory on the long course. Can his father catch him?

Eilidh Campbell and Sarah Dunn are having a continuing battle for first lady on the Long, both having run 7 events and Eilidh currently leading thanks to organising Potarch but Sarah gets 50 next week to cancel that out so watch this space….. Meanwhile sister Kirsty Campbell is leading lady in the Mini Night Cup and Rachel is more than pleasantly surprised to find herself in second place and first Senior W but realises this is entirely due to organising Tyrebagger and attending more events than the other old ladies and nearest rival, Lesley Gomersall, could easily overtake her if she manages to make it to a few more next year and maintain her spookily consistent 40 points each time.

Only David Esson can now guarantee his Easter egg prize for a perfect season of DNC attendance. But remember, this is the training ground of future champions. British Night Champs at Muir of Dinnet this season. I hope to see many DNC Die Hards climbing the podium at the end of February.


DNC Results 2018-19 week 9.pdf


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  1. There are actually still 3 potentially up for attending all 100% of the DNC. Both Dennis McDonald and Ian Hamilton have been to all so far – it is just that they have been sampling both the Long and Medium courses.

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