Wood of Easter Clune 13/2/19

Details to follow in a comment below or keep an eye on Maroc’s website for Wood of Easter Clune brought to you by Bob Sheridan.

Results, splits and RG


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  1. OK parking is now going to be 1 of 2 options.
    Access is from the road south of Finzean Hall. At the end of the tarmac cross the wooden bridge and turn right at the house.
    Option A is further along through the farmyard following reflectors and parking in a field.
    Option B is back in the farmyard if the field is too wet.
    Long course 5km and 11 controls
    Short 3.4km and 7 controls
    Starts from 6

  2. Tough course – especially the leg through the expanded gorse patches…
    North face has always been rough and felt worse than ever at night!

  3. Results seem to be on maroc routegadget, but not yet on maroc website

  4. Results are now up on the Maroc site.
    For the short course I couldn’t void the leg to control 7 so I effectively finished the course at 6 by giving all of you the same split times for the last 2 controls.
    For the long course, on advice from a senior Maroc member, I just swapped the 2 control numbers round.
    Apologies for the error and some of you needing a push out of the field.
    I have a chance to redeem myself this Wednesday and at least I have Dan to keep me right

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