DNC 2019/20

Two courses 3km and 5km at TD5/Green standard as far as possible. No concessions to the dark.

06  MAROC Glen O’Dee  Jonas Newey
13  GRAMP Hazlehead   Dennis McDonald
20  MAROC Coull  Adam Barrie
27  GRAMP Foggieton   Ian Hamilton
04  MAROC Dinnet   Ewan Musgrave
11  GRAMP Balmedie   David Esson
18  MAROC Carlogie  Drew Tivendale
08  GRAMP Crathes  Gomersalls
15  MAROC Corsedarder  Chris Low
22  GRAMP Forvie  Matt Parkes
29  MAROC Potarch  Alan Bennett
05  GRAMP Tyrebagger       Murray Anderson
12  MAROC Balnagowan   Catriona Chapman
19  GRAMP Scolty          Helen Rowlands
26  MAROC Dinnet        Clare/Ranolph Whitehead
04  GRAMP Glen Dye  Paul Duley
11  MAROC Tilquillie + meal/prize giving

Bring a spare torch/battery and wrap up warm or waterproof as appropriate.
Check here for updates to locations and snow reports etc. before travelling.

Seniors £5, Juniors £2.50
If you’re not yet TD5 (Green) standard then please find someone who is to run with the first couple of times so you can pick up tips on Night O navigation strategy.

Starts/Reg  18:00 – 19:00
Courses close 20:00/20:30 depending on the planner/area.

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  1. Hi, I’m putting these dates in the diary, and have noticed that the Potarch and Scolty dates are on a Monday, and all the other dates are on a Wednesday. I’m the planner for the Potarch event, and I’m planning it for Wednesday 29th January. Could you let me know if this is just a typo, or whenether the dates have been changed. Many thanks, Alan Bennett.

  2. Hello, two questions on the Potarch event:
    1 – can I bring and run with a dog?
    2 – I’ve not attended before but am a reasonably good navigator and have orienteered for fun in the past; is the TD5 standard referred to something I need some kind of proof of?

    • Not everyone is an expert navigator who takes part in the DNC, and many use it as training to improve their navigation, but you do need to be reasonably competent and confident in the dark, although you won’t be asked for any proof – it is self-policing. At the very least you should be able to navigate your way back to the car park (e.g. by relocating onto a track) before courses close, even if you have to abandon your course. The organiser won’t want to have to send out a search party!

      TD5 is the hardest level of technical difficulty, so much of the course is likely to be away from paths and tracks, using contour features and bearings to navigate. At night this is much more challenging as you are limited by the beam of your headtorch. You can get an idea of a previous night course at Potarch here: https://www.maroc.routegadget.co.uk/rg2/#223&course=1, but today’s event will likely start at the other end of the map.

      Not sure on the situation about dogs. I don’t think there are usually any problems taking dogs into the woods at Potarch, unless any of the course goes into neighbouring fields.

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