Tyrebagger 5/2/20

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Results updated 10/2/20 to show Joel Gooch on Long not Short course. Apologies for the mix up.

Thanks to Murray for some very testing courses tonight which certainly showed who can’t follow a bearing or judge distance in tough terrain with low visibility. Did the dogs help sniff those controls out I wonder?

Overall rankings post-Potarch


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  1. Murray Anderson

    Shoud be ready to go by about 17.30.
    Western carpark off the B979 (NJ848110).
    The ususal two courses on offer:
    Short 3.1km, 13 controls.
    Long 4.4 km, 16 controls.

  2. Very good short course. Technical and tough. No concession to the dark Neil

  3. Joel Gooch did the Long Course but is in the short course results. Because the courses were similar but with an extra loop on the long, it appears he has a legitimate result but just punched a few extra controls.

  4. Hi Drew, I shall make the amendments to th results over the next day or two and get them republished. Cheers for pointing it out.

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