Balnagowan 12/2/20

Results, splits and RG all on Maroc website

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  1. Parking is along the track to the west of the Tarland road, 1km north of Aboyne. The entrance is easy to miss and looks muddy (fine underneath) but there will be a reflector there. The eastern half of the main parking area is covered in mud (and worse) as there was a dung midden there earlier in the winter! It seems quite solid underneath, but you might not want to drive too far into that area!

    For those on the long course, which visits the northern lumpy hill, please be aware that there may be cattle in enclosures at the northern edge of the wood and the farmer is concerned about head-torches startling them. The course avoids these areas and there is a temporary out-of-bounds marked on the map, including the track around the north-east side of the hill. Please try not to get lost in this area!

    Finally, the light on control number 123 doesn’t flash (as those who have been at recent maroc events may have noticed). However, brikkes are still registering it OK.

    At least the weather looks OK, hope you enjoy the courses from this season’s youngest planner!

  2. Results are on maroc routegadget but yet to appear on the maroc website

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