DNC 2020/21 Final Results

DNC 2020/21 Final results (updated 15th to include Ian H organiser points for Crathes)

As Drew says: “Such a disappointing end to the season this year. There could have been some epic snowy DNCs this month if things had been different.”

Some notes on the scoring:
– your best 5 scores out of the 8 full DNC events we did manage to run count towards your grand total
– the 9th at Templars was cancelled hoping we might be out of the woods by now and could reschedule at the end of the series when everyone could attend and thanks to those who got in touch to say that they’d been looking forward to trying out the Orange there with friends and family. One day…. (or night rather)
– the 10th, Potarch, went ahead but as only folk from the Shire could attend it was agreed not to award points for that
– all would-be planners of events that were cancelled still get 50 points as acknowledgement of their commitment to the cause

So it’s big congratulations to Joe Wright, Matthew Gooch and Adam Barrie heading up the DNC podium and Catriona Chapman first lady plus Nick Hale, Pete Lawrence and Alan Bennett at the top of the Mini DNC with Ruth Gooch first lady with an amazing 9th place for a W14. #ThisGirlCan (Yes, I am unashamedly biased but she who does the blog gets to call the shots!)

Traditionally we’d have a meal and chocolate-heavy prize giving on the last night but that obviously can’t happen so can I suggest that you all order yourselves a takeaway curry for about 8pm on the 24th and give a big round of applause to the winners who will also have to buy and award themselves half an Easter Egg (as only half the series took place.)

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  1. I have sent out invoices for DNC entry fees to everyone and most people have paid. If you haven’t received an invoice by email, pleasse contact me – treasurer@grampoc.com. If you haven’t paid yet then please do so. It’s one invoice for all the events, GRAMP and MAROC.

  2. Updated 15th to include Ian H’s organiser points for Crathes.

  3. Great series as always. Thanks to all who contributed. Disappointing not to finish it but let’s be grateful we at least had half the events in such difficult times. Congrats to Joe and Nick and second the comments on Ruth. This series has a habit of throwing up future champions and we may just have seen the next one. See you at the 6 days if not before.

  4. Thanks to all the event organisers, series organisers, and Covid officers for making all these events happen, and to all other competitors for bringing the nights alive. Best Night Orienteering Series in the World (although to be fair, I’ve not tried many others!).

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