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Overall points after Balmedie

Latest league table after Balmedie event:

DNC Results 2017-18_12


Overall results after Coull

Overall points after 11 events.  I’ve given the organisers 50 points for Coull to Peter Craig – is that correct?

DNC Results 2017-18_11

Overall results after Raemoir

Overall points after 10 events.  Best nine count.  At present only five people on the DNC have done at least nine events, four people on the Mini-Night Cup, so still scope for some significant changes – especially once Matthew and Ewan get back from their Christmas holidays.  Three people have done all ten events so far.

DNC Results 2017-18_10

Overall points after Glen Dye

Points after 8 events: DNC Results 2017-18_8

I am going to increase the number of counting events to 9