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Tilquillie 11/3

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Interesting twirl round the south end of Tilquillie to finish off the series followed by a bumper turnout for the curry and prize-giving. Full and final points will be posted soon for those who weren’t there.

Big thanks to all the organisers and Drew and Ian for masterminding it all between them. We had just over 90 people have a go at least once this series over the 17 events.
A good sprinkling of up and coming Maroc Juniors kept the old hands at bay on the Long including Ewan Musgrave who also won The Best Course Trophy  Easter Egg for Dinnet Part 1 (think the trophy must still be with the Grahams.)
The Toughest of the Tough Trophy went to Murray Anderson for Tyrebagger although vote rigging by some of the more frivolous DNC competitors nearly saw Dennis carry it off for Hazlehead.

Glen Dye 4/3

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18:20 was the official hour of darkness tonight we were told but it seemed like a mighty long time to wait. Maybe should have picked up a fish supper in Banchory on the way out and scoffed that before running?

Speaking of which, watch this space about next week’s arrangements….

Dinnet #2 26/2

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Scolty 19/2



Balnagowan 12/2/20

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Tyrebagger 5/2/20

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Results updated 10/2/20 to show Joel Gooch on Long not Short course. Apologies for the mix up.

Thanks to Murray for some very testing courses tonight which certainly showed who can’t follow a bearing or judge distance in tough terrain with low visibility. Did the dogs help sniff those controls out I wonder?

Overall rankings post-Potarch


Potarch 29/1/20

Results, splits and RouteGadget links are on the Maroc website.

Knew I was going to have a good one this time when I spotted this on my dashboard….7777


Did you forget your bumbag and cagoule after Corsedarder?

Give Chris a ring on 07771 555008 to arrange collection/handover.

Forvie 22/1/20

Results, splits and RG links can all be found on the Gramp website.

Nice to be back in the northern end for a change.


Corsedarder 15/1/20

Many thanks to Chris Low for providing last night’s test of skills at Corsedarder.
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