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Dinnet #2 26/2

Dinnet is just sooooooo good we’re going back there for a second bite of the cherry.
Got caught out last time so not going to second guess parking location again but direct you to the Maroc website instead.

Scolty 19/2



Balnagowan 12/2/20

Results, splits and RG all on Maroc website

Tyrebagger 5/2/20

Results Splits RouteGadget
Results updated 10/2/20 to show Joel Gooch on Long not Short course. Apologies for the mix up.

Thanks to Murray for some very testing courses tonight which certainly showed who can’t follow a bearing or judge distance in tough terrain with low visibility. Did the dogs help sniff those controls out I wonder?

Overall rankings post-Potarch


Potarch 29/1/20

Results, splits and RouteGadget links are on the Maroc website.

Knew I was going to have a good one this time when I spotted this on my dashboard….7777


Did you forget your bumbag and cagoule after Corsedarder?

Give Chris a ring on 07771 555008 to arrange collection/handover.

Forvie 22/1/20

Results, splits and RG links can all be found on the Gramp website.

Nice to be back in the northern end for a change.


Corsedarder 15/1/20

Many thanks to Chris Low for providing last night’s test of skills at Corsedarder.
Results, splits and RG

Crathes 8/1/20

Results, splits and RG link all on Gramp’s website.

Thanks to Sam and Lesley for starting us off well for the second half of the series.
Nice clear night with just a touch of frost later on and it was starting to feel properly wintery. Will we finally get a snowy DNC this year I wonder?

Carlogie 17/12/19