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Tilquhillie 20/2/19

Results, splits and RG

Lovely warm night and amazing moon if you could catch a glimpse while picking your way through the wind blow.

Well that’s the end of another fantastic season of the Deeside Night Cup! Congratulations to the joint winners of the Medium/Short Course Nick Hale & Kirsty Campbell – Kirsty was also ladies winner. Andrew McMurtrie and Amber Graham were runners up with Sam Gomersall and Catriona Chapman third. On the long course, Matthew Gooch and Eilidh Campbell were men’s and ladies winners with Sarah Dunn and Jon Musgrave runners up. Ewan Musgrave close on Jon’s heels in 3rd and Denise Wright 3rd lady.
Much respect to David Esson and Ian Hamilton for attending every single event in the league!
And who could forget the sandpaper blizzard at Balmedie – rightly voted toughest of the tough. Forvie was very narrowly pipped at the post by Glen O Dee as course of the year. Full results soon!


Wood of Easter Clune 13/2/19

Details to follow in a comment below or keep an eye on Maroc’s website for Wood of Easter Clune brought to you by Bob Sheridan.

Results, splits and RG

Glen Dye 6/2/19

Results, splits and RG

Short course 3.3 10 controls
Long course 4.9 12 controls

CONGRATULATIONS! Scottish Night Champ 2019
Eilidh Campbell won the W18 class at the Champs held at John Muir Country Park last weekend and Kirsty also made the top 3 coming in 3rd.

Shooting Greens 30/1/19

Results, splits and RG on Maroc website but although I could see it last night, this morning when I went back to get the link it’s down again. You can see from RG who all was there and results though.

Long: 5.0km, 200m climb, 11 controls.
Short: 3.4km, 100m climb, 8 controls.

Rankings after 14 weeks

Fiendish courses this week courtesy of Nick Hale. Caught most people out to a greater or lesser extent. Beautiful night although very cold if you didn’t keep moving.

Father and son battle couldn’t be much closer on the long course involving the Musgraves with Eilidh and Sarah still with all to play for in the ladies category.

Nick Hale, as planner for Shooting Greens, takes the lead on medium. But still incredibly close. Will it be decided on the final day? Kirsty Campbell still has the chance to win outright although secondary places for the ladies are still up for grabs with Lesley Gomersall stealthily looming with only 6 counters so far.

Please get your entries in for the British Night Champs at Muir of Dinnet. Undoubtedly the “Event of the Year” for 2019 on Deeside. First closing date 4th February.

Scolty 23/1/19

Results, splits and RG on Gramp website.

Was a great night, even with the computer freezing in the cold – thanks for your patience during download while Dave managed to coax his fingers into action as substitute.
David Esson spent a productive hour later on and reuploaded all the brikkes into the computer in the warmth of the house and it all worked perfectly of course.
(Need to add a hot water bottle to the Planner’s kit list?)

Points table updated. A few more changes as the usual contenders jockey for position.
DNC Results 2018-19 week 12.pdf

Sluie 16/1/19

Results, splits and RG

Long 4.8 km, 155m climb
Short 2.9 km, 85m climb

Please note there are unmarked extraction lanes from recent harvesting activity and also some unmarked motorbike tracks.

Points after 11 weeks
(Drew also noticed the number of new faces at Crathes as it took twice as long to do the points as usual!)

Crathes 9/1/19

Results and splits and RouteGadget

Braes by Logie Coldstone 26/12/18

Results, splits and RG
New territory for the DNC so if you missed it best get doing your homework on RG for next time.

Potarch 19/12/18

Results and splits

Rankings after 8 weeks

Parking and reg will be in the circular car park on Potarch Green opposite Potarch Lodge (anyone been in there seen the makeover by the way? Any good?)

Starts 18:00 – 19:00, courses close 20:00

Forvie 12/12/18

Results Splits RouteGadget  on the Gramp website
Rankings after 7 weeks