27th December 2017 Glen Tanar DNC results

Results and splits.
171227 Glen Tanar DNC simple results.pdf
171227 Glen Tanar DNC Splits.pdf


3rd Jan 2018 – Raemoir

The first DNC event of 2018 was held at Raemoir.

Parking and Registration was at the rear of Raemoir House at grid ref NO 695995, by kind permission of Raemoir House.

Results are posted on the Gramp website here.


–    Long :  4.6km   180m climb  17 controls

–    Medium :  2.7km   90m climb   9 controls

Planner and Organiser :  Rob Hickling (GRAMP)

20th Dec Glen Dye

Hope you all enjoyed the route choice I tried to add, the balmy night and mince pies!

Results and Splits on gramp website

Routegadget should be OK now … here


13th Dec 2017 Carlogie

Results, splits and RG


6th Dec 2017 Crathes

Results, splits and routegadget can be found at the Gramp website here.

29th Nov 2017 Potarch

Results, splits and RG links

Short 3.4k 8 controls – Long 5.0k 13 controls



22nd Nov 2017 Countesswells

Results, Splits and Routegadget
Short 3.4k (7 controls) and Long 5.2k (12 controls)


Overall points after 3 events

15th Nov 2017 Shooting Greens

Results, splits and RG link



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8th Nov 2017 Hazlehead

Results, Splits and Routegadget


1st Nov 2017 Birsemore

Results, splits and RG

Boom! Straight into the serious stuff this year.

Long: 4.7km, 165m climb, 15 controls
Short: 3.1km, 100m climb, 9 controls

Planner / organiser: Nick Hale