18/1/17 Coull

Results, splits and RG

Overall rankings after 10 events – still plenty of time to drop those howlers.


11/1/17 Forvie

230 = No 9 on the Short Can I be re-instated please Rob?

Can I be re-instated please Rob?

More photos here

Results are now done – click this link to Gramp’s website

Thanks to everyone for a good safe event in pretty cold and windy conditions.
Car park was just over the Ythan bridge as you go north out of Newburgh.  Map

Long – 5.1k
Short – 3.0k
Forvie is an incredible area for night orienteering, please don’t assume it will be easy, it really won’t, but the map is excellent and there are plenty of big features to navigate from, even if at first glance it looks very intricate due to the contours being mapped at 2.5m rather than the 5m you’re used to.
We’ve been asked to supply some photos from the event for Scotland’s NNRs facebook and SNH twitter accounts so Rachel was lurking with her camera at the last control.  I hope the photos came out well!

Overall rankings after 9 events


4/1/17 Muir of Dinnet 2

Results, splits and RG links

Well done to wee Barry McManamon – must be a DNC record for most Junior entrant? – I was going to use my short legs as an excuse for slow going through all that heather until I spotted him and Mum at the far side of the big hill debating how far to go down the path towards number 126.

Overall rankings after 9 events

Pundit Drew says:

With best 8 to count, Wednesday’s 9th event meant things started to get interesting. Can anyone catch Joe on the Long? Well, if I win the next 6 events then I’m definitely in with a chance. Should be close for the minor places.

On the Mini Night Cup, Ewan looks to be slipping in recent weeks. Can he be caught by Eilidh? Or even Pete Lawrence and Rob Hickling who are yet to complete 8 counting events? Looks set to be an interesting battle.

Work commitments meant a 7:10pm start for me on Wednesday and I got timed out after messing up #10. Devastated. I might have persevered if I’d known Donald would be out for 1 hour 42 minutes! (No disrespect Donald as I know you can run faster than me).

So Joe, Hazel and Roger still maintain their perfect streaks on the long. And only Ewan and Helen maintain a perfect record on the medium. I always did admire Helen’s streaking abilities.

Many other personal battles still ongoing. Chris Low looking dangerous on medium having only done 5 events so far. Jenny Ricketts winning her first DNC outing of the year in impressive style. Even still a few first timers as the season progresses.

So still all to play for. Looking forward to the next 6 DNC events of the season. Some cracking venues. Forvie next week and Muir of Dinnet 3! on 1st February which will be on the south side of A93 for the first time and I can promise will be a great challenge.

21/12/16 Crathes

Results, splits and RG
Course lengths 5.1km / 3.5km

Rankings after 8 eventspesky-kids

Drew (and probably others) admits to thinking he had his best run so far of the series only to find himself severally pipped to the post by a bunch of studes back for the holidays.


Listen up if your name is Joe Wright, Gordon Urquhart, Clare Tunaley, William Nicolson, Anne Hoy or Kevin Hyland ….
You need to collect your Urban Sprints trophy from the plastic bag attached to the windscreen wiper at Registration at next couple of events – look for the one with your name on it. (Sorry – didn’t manage to get these sorted in time for presentation at various AGMs but better late then never.)

14/12/16 Bogendreip

Results, splits and RG

Short course 3.2km
Long course 5.3km

Results after 6 events

7/12/16 Glen Dye

Final Results and Splits

Finalised results are now uploaded.  Results were amended for Long to void legs either side of no 7 (131) and reinstate anyone who missed no.7.

Thanks to Bob for taking on a DNC with relatively little planning experience (and Liz for assisting of course).  Some deceptively simple looking legs caught many out but still provided some good, fast running for those that can and relatively heather-free trotting for those that can’t. The alternative car parking and Start was also a good idea to mix things up from “the usual”. The only  complaints I heard were from folk that had gone out with too many layers on not quite believing the forecast 15 degrees to be true.

30/11/16 Muir of Dinnet Part 1

Area for this was Burn O’Vat car park south to A93 through all that lovely bubbly terrain making it hard to spot which undulation was which if you lost contact.

Results and splits

PS Welcome back Teresa and the Chillimobile! We’ve missed you both!

23/11/16 Balmedie

After a delightfully pleasant race at Dess, how can we follow it?  At fast Balmedie of course!

Balmedie Courses:

  • Long  5.0km, 19 controls
  • Medium  3.1km, 12 controls

Thanks to everyone for coming on a beautiful cold, starry night.  Results have been posted on the GRAMP website here.

Planner/Organiser – Rob Hickling

16/11/16 Dess

Parking for Wednesday for Dess will be at the Deeside Activity Park (many thanks to them).




9/11/16 Cheyne Hill

Results, splits and RG link on Gramp website

You can read my comments on the results post re brikkes not starting etc.
If anyone affected self-timed but didn’t tell me last night and still wants me to change the estimate for their first leg then let me know flump@care4free.net and I’ll change it (although it may not happen for a couple of days with GMC looming.)