Tyrebagger 5/2/20

Results Splits RouteGadget
Results updated 10/2/20 to show Joel Gooch on Long not Short course. Apologies for the mix up.

Thanks to Murray for some very testing courses tonight which certainly showed who can’t follow a bearing or judge distance in tough terrain with low visibility. Did the dogs help sniff those controls out I wonder?

Overall rankings post-Potarch


Potarch 29/1/20

Results, splits and RouteGadget links are on the Maroc website.

Knew I was going to have a good one this time when I spotted this on my dashboard….7777


Overall points after 9 events

Overall points after this week’s event at Coresdarder.  The final result will be based on the best 9 scores, so from now on the standings should be sorting out into who has run the fastest rather than who has been to most events.

DNC Results 2019-20 week 9


Did you forget your bumbag and cagoule after Corsedarder?

Give Chris a ring on 07771 555008 to arrange collection/handover.

Forvie 22/1/20

Results, splits and RG links can all be found on the Gramp website.

Nice to be back in the northern end for a change.


DNCoverall points – week 8

Good turnout at Crathes this week.  Here’s the points totals after 8 events:

DNC Results 2019-20 week 8

Corsedarder 15/1/20

Many thanks to Chris Low for providing last night’s test of skills at Corsedarder.
Results, splits and RG

Crathes 8/1/20

Results, splits and RG link all on Gramp’s website.

Thanks to Sam and Lesley for starting us off well for the second half of the series.
Nice clear night with just a touch of frost later on and it was starting to feel properly wintery. Will we finally get a snowy DNC this year I wonder?

Overall results – Week 7

Results table after Carlogie.  Happy Christmas and hope to see you all at Crathes on 8th January.

DNC Results 2019-20 week 7

Overall scores , Week 6

Here are the overall points after Balmedie.  My compass is full of sand now after I landed head first in a sand dune!  Apologies for the numerous errors in the last issue of the overall points and thanks to everyone for pointing them out.    If you see any mistakes you can let me know by posting a comment in this blog.

DNC Results 2019-20 week 6