Hazlehead 31/10/18

2 courses Long 5.1k or Short 3.1k     Results  Splits


Glen O’Dee 24/10/18

They give us those nice bright colors…

Anyone who saw that sunset will know why that was going round my head while I was trotting round last night.

Thanks to Amber and Luke and helpers for a gentle introduction/rehabilitation to night O (apart from no 8 on the Short which lured several of us into risking a bearing run to practice and messing up royally) plus soup and cakes to round off a pleasant evening.

Results and splits

DNC 2018/19

Two courses 3km and 5km at TD5/Green standard as far as possible. No concessions to the dark.

24/10/2018  MAROC Intro Glen O’Dee Luke & Amber Graham  Results     Splits
31/10/2018  GRAMP Hazlehead  Dennis McDonald  Results  Splits
07/11/2018  MAROC Cambus O’May  Andy Tivendale  Results and splits
14/11/2018  GRAMP Tyrebagger  Rachel Scott  Results, splits and RouteGadget
21/11/2018  MAROC Pannanich  Jon Musgrave  Results, splits and Routegadget 
28/11/2018  GRAMP Balmedie  Matt Parkes   Results, splits and RG
05/12/2018  MAROC Balnagowan  Matthew Gooch   Results, splits and RG
12/12/2018  GRAMP Forvie  Murray Anderson   Results, splits and RG
19/12/2018  MAROC Potarch  Eilidh and Kirsty Campbell  Results and splits
26/12/2018  MAROC Braes by Logie Coldstone Sarah Dunn  Results, splits and RG

09/01/2019  GRAMP Crathes  Paul Duley   Results, splits and RG
16/01/2019  MAROC Sluie  Chris Low          Results, splits and RG
23/01/2019  GRAMP Scolty   Dave Kirk        Results, splits and RG
30/01/2019  MAROC Shooting Greens  Nick Hale
06/02/2019  GRAMP Glen Dye  Sam Gomersall  Results, splits and RG
13/02/2019  MAROC Wood of Easter Clune  Bob Sheridan   Results, splits and RG
20/02/2018  MAROC Tilquillie  Scott Reynolds  Results, splits and RG
(23/02/2019 British Night Champs at Dinnet – final closing date 18/2/19)

Bring a spare torch/battery and wrap up warm or waterproof as appropriate.
Check here for updates to locations and snow reports etc. before travelling.

Seniors £5, Juniors £2.50
If you’re not yet TD5 (Green) standard then please find someone who is to run with the first couple of times so you can pick up tips on Night O navigation strategy.

Starts/Reg  18:00 – 19:00
Courses close 20:00/20:30 depending on the planner/area.


Final results for 2017-18

Final points table:

DNC Results 2017-18_final

For the end-of-series meal we squeezed into Rock, Salt and Sole in Banchory for fine fish and chips.  Prizes were awarded as follows:

DNC – Men

1 Joseph Wright
2 Matthew Gooch
3 Felix Wilson

DNC – Women

1 Hazel Wright
2 Sarah Dunn
3 Eilidh Campbell

Mini-DNC – Men

1 Ewan Musgrave
2 Joel Gooch
3 Nick Hale

Mini-DNC – Women

1 Amber Graham
2 Kirsty Campbell
3 Helen Rowlands

Course of the year: Balnagowan planned by Drew Tivendale (beating Corsedarder, Roger Coombs, by one vote)

Toughest of the Tough: Shooting Greens, Donald Kerridge (one vote ahead of Hazelhead, Dave Kirk)

Special prize for diligence – David Esson who completed a course at every one of the seventeen events.

A big thankyou to all the planners who made the effort that made seventeen good night events possible.  Also the behind-the scenes officials at MAROC and GRAMP who organised the series, arranged permissions, registrations etc.

Probably the most popular DNC series so far.  A total of 108 people entered at least one event and 39 people did at least nine events.  Please leave any comments about the format of the series, suggestions for improvements etc.

21st February – Sluie

Results etc on MAROC website

Long: 4.2 km 165m climb, 15 controls
Medium: 2.8 km 105m climb, 11 controls

Organiser / Planner: Sean O’Sullivan 07908 730851


14th Feb 2018 Scolty


See gramp website for results:



End of Series Celebration: Eating at Rock Salt and Sole in Banchory after last Dec (Sluie 21st Feb). Please send Jon a note of interest: jon”at”big-jon.demon.co.uk
He needs to know by the week before so they can sort enough chairs and tables for us! ie THIS WEEK



7th Feb 2018 Corsedardar

Results, splits and RG    

Long: 5.2 km 250m climb, 17 controls
Medium: 3.0 km 160m climb, 8 controls
Map: updated January 2018 by DOLM. Scale: 1:7,500, Contour interval: 5m

Organiser / Planner: Roger Coombs 07500 917673

31st Jan 2018 Tyrebagger


A raw moolit night… and a few surprise mis-punches, all at no.2 !??

Results are now loaded up on the Gramp website here.

Long (DNC) – 4.4km
Short (mini DNC) – 3.3km

13 controls on both courses (so the shorties don’t feel short changed) but not necessarily the same 13.

Planner – Murray Anderson

24th Jan 2018 Balnagowan

Results, splits and RG on Maroc website

Courses Long: 5.2km, 11 controls Medium: 3.0km, 11 controls

Balnagowan. Deceptively difficult in places with subtle contour detail. Sporadic windblow in places but courses avoid the worst of this. Long course will visit the northern hill. Medium will loop round the south eastern part and will use one control twice so read the map carefully.

Parking is in the same place as Coull event. On the track 1km North of the junction in Aboyne with the B9094 Tarland Road. It can be muddy. Please park carefully and avoid getting stuck or blocking anyone in. There is plenty space on the side of the track further down if the main area at the top is full.

Starts between 6-7pm please. Courses close at 8:30. Results should be up in record time.


17th Jan 2018 Balmedie

Results are now posted on the Gramp website here.

Long course 4.9Km
Short 3.6Km

Organiser / planner – John Lang (GRAMP)